Welcome to LCN616 Inquiry Learning

Master of Education, Queensland University of Technology

In LCN616 Inquiry Learning you will learn about inquiry learning through undertaking your own inquiry. You will create a blog which will form part of your digital professional footprint and will be a resource for other educators in your field.

LCN616 Inquiry Learning is available as  2 assignment modules which can be done in advance of the unit delivery in semester 2. This is in response to requests from students to get ahead with their study in the semester breaks.

How does the module idea work?

All students wanting to do LCN616 should enrol in the unit in the normal way. The unit is offered as normal in semester 2. In addition, the whole unit or parts of the unit can be done in advance.  The unit consists of 2 assignments which form 2 modules. You can do the 2 modules as normal in semester 2 (the normal unit delivery) or you can do all or parts of the assignment modules before the semester officially starts.

Join the Class Community on G+

Your learning in the unit is supported by your colleagues via the class G+ Community. Please go to the link and request to join the Community. You need to create a G+ profile to engage in the Community (here is a G+ guide). You are free to create a special professional profile for study purposes and you may use an abbreviation of your name or pseudonym. If you use a pseudonym, please email me as I won’t accept your request if I don’t recognise your name 🙂

Module 1: Inquiry Re-Search 

This module is Assignment 1 (blog stage 1).

In this module you will search for information to answer your own inquiry questions based around inquiry learning pedagogy. You will learn and apply expert search strategies for using search engines and Library databases. You will document your search and present a curation collection (annotated bibliography presented in a social media tool) and synthesis to one inquiry question (short essay addressing one inquiry question). The curation collection and synthesis form professional resources that you are encourage to share with your colleagues outside of the course.

Your work will be submitted in week 7 Semester 2 as Assignment 1 (Blog Stage 1) (50% weighting).

Here is the information on Module 1.

Module 2: Inquiry in the Curriculum 

This module is Assignment 2 (blog stage 2).

In this module you will design or design a unit of work. The design of the unit of work is a professional resource that you are encouraged to share with your colleagues outside of the course.

You will document this work in a blog that will be submitted in week 14 of semester 2 (study week). The Assignment 2 weighting is 50%.

Here is information on Module 2.