Examples from past students

Differences between the 2016 and 2017 assignment: 

Blog stage 1: last year students were required to search ALL the tools and present a detailed critical analysis of their search in a series of posts. In 2017, this requirement has been significantly reduced to one post where you choose the tools you wish to document and you provide a small sample of your search strings.  Also, you are NOT required to use screen clips as evidence of your search.

Blog stage 2: last year students were required to analyse an existing unit of work then redesign it. This your you are only required to design/redesign a unit of work.

Examples of student work in 2016:

Example 1: Detective Cross

Example 2: Tour de Inquiry Learning

Example 3: Inquisitive Minds

Example 4: The Inquiring Philosopher

Example 5: Into the Woods

Redesign of existing unit:

Year 12 IT

Year 10 philosophy

Year 10 music

Year 10 English

Year 9 English

Year 8 medieval history

Year 5 Australian history

Year 5 integrated

Year 4 Australian history

Year 2 local history