Module 1 – Inquiry Re-Search

Assignment 1 weighting: 50%

Due: Week 7 (rolling submission)

Inquiry Re-search is your personal journey of discovery as you investigate inquiry learning.

What will I do in this module?

You will create a personal blog where you will document your discovery journey:

  1. You will ask starter questions about inquiry learning, undertake an initial information search based on those questions, ask more questions based on your initial search, re-search using the new questions and so on…
  2. You will document this re-search cycle demonstrating your ability to use and critically evaluate your expert search strategies in online tools such search engines, Library databases and social media
  3. You will critically evaluate and select relevant information and document your analysis
  4. You will curate information on your primary inquiry question using a social media curation tool of your choice
  5. You will write a synthesis of the sources addressing your primary inquiry question
  6. You will write a final reflection on your re-search inquiry process
  7. You will provide peer feedback to your colleagues using the comments function on their blog

Required blog entries: Module 1, blog stage 1 (50% weighting)

  1. Initial post
  2. Expert searching
  3. Curation collection addressing one inquiry question
  4. Synthesis of sources on one inquiry question
  5. Final reflection
  6. Peer feedback