standards & continua


Choose one of the standards/continua above. Compare the source you have chosen with the Australian Curriculum Creative and Critical Thinking Learning F-10 Continuum, or the ICT F-10 Learning Continuum, or both if you are brave!

Consider your findings in the light of Mal Lee’s critique of ICT continua, and also in relation to the GeSTE Windows.

Report back in the tutorial, or report your findings in the IL Community.


Mal Lee (2014) The educational fallacy of an ICT Continuum  – Here is the cached version as the website seems to be down!!!!!


1. Core library and research skills Grades 9-14 – Rochester Regional Library Committee

2. Information literacy skills continuum – New Haven Unified School District Library Media Program

3. Grades 6-8 information literacy continuum – Bellevue School District

4. Information fluency continuum – New York City School Library System

5. Standards for the 21st Century learner

6. HIGHER EDUCATION – Australian and New Zealand Information Literacy Standards

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