Module 2 – Inquiry in the Curriculum

Weighting: 50% weighting

Due: exam study week (rolling submission)

Module 2B structured: For this module you will design/redesign a unit of work using a range of theories and concepts as design tools.

Module 2B negotiated:  You are welcome to suggest another approach for this assignment that aligns with your professional goals and responsibilities. For example, in your workplace you might be tasked with implementing an integrated inquiry curriculum and you may need to run professional development for staff. The negotiated assignment could be a needs analysis and plan for staff development.

Module 2B: Design Inquiry Curriculum 

Step 1:  Choose a curriculum area with which to develop a unit of work

You may develop a unit from scratch, or redesign an existing unit. The unit should be an extended inquiry over about 5-10 weeks.

I assume that many of you will choose a unit that you have taught or are planning to teach. However, if you’re not currently in a teaching context, or you need inspiration, check out the range of inquiry units available on the web. Scootle is a database of curriculum materials which include full and partial inquiry units.  Also, many cultural heritage institutions (such as museums) and non-government organisations (such as environmental groups) also develop inquiry curricula for teachers. Here are some examples:

Higher education and VET: Your unit of work maybe a semester long inquiry unit or individual assessment item that requires extensive information seeking/data gathering.

Step 2: Design/re-design an inquiry unit of work

Using the theories and concepts as design tools, design or re-design a unit of work for a specific year level and discipline area (or integrated curriculum). You must demonstrate application of all the theories and concepts.

Required blog entries for Assignment 2B: Design Inquiry Curriculum (50% weighting)

  1. Overview
  2. Design
  3. Final reflection
  4. Peer feedback