Semester schedule

Tutorial time: Monday 7:30-8:30 pm Zoom web conference (all sessions will be recorded).

 Topic  Activities
 Week 1  welcome to inquiry  Start exploratory searching, write Initial post
 Week 2   information literacy & critical inquiry Continue exploratory search
 Week 3  expert search techniques Focus search, write Expert Search post/s
 Week 4  expert search techniques Select 8 best sources, curate & annotate
 Week 5   drop-in session Create Infographic
 Week 6   drop-in session Write Final Reflection, undertake peer feedback
 Week 7  Assignment 2 discussion & briefing Submit Assignment 1 Mon 3rd Sept
 Week 8 models of inquiry & information literacy Choose curriculum area/s & topic for unit of work
 Week 9 inquiry questioning frameworks  Commence designing unit plan
 Break  Continue unit plan, write Overview post
 Week 10  QLD public holiday Draft Rationale
 Week 11  critical evaluation of information Refine Rationale
 Week 12  inquiry in the curriculum Write Final Reflection
 Week 13  drop-in session Undertake peer feedback
 Study week Submit Assignment 2 Mon 29th Oct