Semester schedule

Tutorial time: Monday 7:30-8:30 pm Zoom web conference (all sessions will be recorded).

 Topic  Activities
 Week 1  welcome to inquiry  Start exploratory searching, write Initial post
 Week 2   information literacy & critical inquiry Continue exploratory search
 Week 3  expert search techniques Focus search, write Expert Search post/s
 Week 4  expert search techniques Select 8 best sources, curate & annotate
 Week 5   drop-in session Create Infographic
 Week 6   drop-in session Write Final Reflection, undertake peer feedback
 Week 7  Assignment 2 discussion & briefing Submit Assignment 1 Mon 3rd Sept
 Week 8 inquiry questioning framework  Choose curriculum area/s & topic for unit of work
 Week 9  critical evaluation of information Commence designing unit plan
 Break  Continue unit plan, write Overview post
 Week 10  QLD public holiday Draft Rationale
 Week 11  models of inquiry & information literacy Refine Rationale
 Week 12  inquiry in the curriculum Write Final Reflection
 Week 13  drop-in session Undertake peer feedback
 Study week Submit Assignment 2 Mon 29th Oct