Inquiry & information literacy models


Australian Curriculum 8. 2 inquiry models:

  • Humanities & Social Sciences Inquiry & skills F-7 (Questioning, Researching, Analysing, Evaluating & Reflecting, Communicating)
  • History skills 7-10 (Chronology, terms & concepts, Historical questions & research, Analysis & use of sources, Perspectives & interpretations, Explanation & communication)
  • Geographical inquiry & skills 7-10 (Observing, questioning and planning, Collecting, recording, evaluating and representing, Interpreting, analysing and concluding, Communicating, Reflecting and responding)
  • Civics & Citizenship skills 7-10 (Questioning and research, Analysis, synthesis and interpretation, Problem-solving and decision-making, Communication and reflection)
  • Economics & Business skills 7-10 (Questioning and research, Interpretation and analysis, Economic reasoning, decision-making and application, Communication and reflection)
  • Science inquiry skills F-10 (Questioning and predicting, Planning and conducting, Processing and analysing data and information, Communicating)


In assignment 2 you will need to analyse a unit of work for the inquiry model/s it uses/does not use (either explicitly or implicitly). You will need to explicitly draw on an inquiry model for the design of your unit of work.