questioning frameworks



Lecture slides – Inquiry questioning frameworks


Lupton, Mandy (2012) Collecting questions

Lupton, Mandy (2016) Inquiry learning. A pedagogical and curriculum framework for information literacy. (preprint) in Sales, Dora & Pinto, Maria (Eds.) Pathways into InformationLiteracy and Communities of Practice: Teaching Approaches and Case Studies. Chandos Publishing. (In Press) pp. 6-11


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There are four main types of question frameworks:

  • Generative frameworks which facilitate students formulating questions
  • Essential questions/big questions that frame the inquiry
  • Process question frameworks that guide each stage the inquiry cycle/process
  • Evaluative questions that guide the critical evaluation of sources (data & information, primary & secondary sources)

Browse through the question frameworks from the list below and find those that are relevant to use for  Assignment 2. To critique your unit of work in relation to question frameworks you will need to analyse the unit to see if any frameworks are used. In both your critique and the design of your unit of work design you will need to address the four types question frameworks.


Generative frameworks: Facilitating students question asking skills

Essential questions

Process questions

  • Leonie McIlvenny – Knowledge compass – Research Safari
  • KWL (Ogle 1986), KWHLAQ (Barell 2008)
Process questions (reporduced from Lupton in press 2016 pp. 10-11)

Process questions (reproduced from Lupton in press 2016 pp. 10-11)

Evaluative frameworks: critically evaluating sources

Evaluating historical sources



Assignment 2

In Assignment 2 you will need to address the following questions in your unit design:

  • How do students generate inquiry questions relating to their topic? (see Essential questions & Generative frameworks)
  • How do students develop their question asking skills? (see Generative frameworks)
  • What sorts of questions do students ask to critically evaluate information/sources/data? (see GeSTE windows)
  • What sorts of questions do students use to evaluate their process/methodology? (see Process frameworks)